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You can Zelle your deposit and make payments using Zelle.  Use email address " wbrewster123@gmail.com " and be sure to let us know if you need a Zelle request for your deposit or payment. 

   Landscaping, Yard Clean-Ups and Project Rates

Cleanups include: blowing or raking leaves from yard & beds, weed whacking, very lightly trim back any plants that require it at that time, edging your property, very light hedge/ bush trimming, cleaning leaves & debris from window wells & any corners where they have collected over time, picking up any sticks or debris from the lawn, finished with standard brown bagging everything & carry them to the curb for the city to pick up. Discounted rates only include leaf and debris removal.

What is your yard size?

      Size            - Bagged     or     Non-bagged -           Yard Size                                             

Tiny Yard             $245           /          $175       (up to 2,000 sq. ft. yard/less than 2 hrs.)

Small Yard          $450          /           $300       (up to 5,000 sq. ft. yard)

Medium Yard     $695          /           $475       (5,001 to 10,000 sq. ft. yard)

Large Yard          $995         /           $675        (10,000 to 15,000 sq. ft. yard)

Note:   For bagged yard clean ups over 15,000 sq. ft. we charge .37 cents per additional sq. ft. For non- bagged yard clean ups over 15,000 sq. ft. we charge 20 cents per additional sq. ft. 


For non-bagged accounts; we can blow the leaves into your woods, street, etc...

Schedule Service on Home Page to receive 15% off service after paying 50% down using above Pay Now icon.

Two Step Process:

 #1. In the middle of Home Page...Click on SCHEDULE SERVICE
#2. Click on "Order" page and then Pay Now)


Take advantage of major discounts!  Sign up to our seasonal winter 6 Pack deal and get a major 25% discount to your winter snow removal service. 


(Seasonal prices are 25% off pay-per-push rates.  We go out 2 inches of snow or higher)

 RESIDENTIAL SIZE (Area of Surface Sq. Ft.)         PACKAGE         6 PACK PRICES:

  •  SMALL HOUSE (under 500 sq. ft.).....................Silver        (  $65 Each X 6 = $395)

  •  MEDIUM HOUSE (501 to 1000 sq. ft.) ..............Bronze    (  $86 Each X 6 = $525)

  •  LARGE HOUSE (over 1001 to 1,500 sq. ft.) ......Gold         ($116 Each X 6 = $696)


 PARKING LOT (UP TO PER 1/4 - ACRE or 10,000 Sq. Ft.).............$295 per push

$2,360 Prepaid for Seasonal Contract


 PARKING LOT (UP TO PER 1/2 - ACRE or 20,000 Sq. Ft.).............$395 per push

$3,160 Paid in 1 payment due January 1, 2024


 PARKING LOT (UP TO PER 1 - ACRE or 40,000 Sq. Ft.).............$595 per push

$4,760 Paid in 2 payments
                 * Payment Due Jan 1st [covers Jan and Feb] Prepaid @ $2,380
                 * Payment Due March [covers March and April]1st Prepaid @ $2,380

Commercial Salting - $195 per 1/4 acre for salting.

* When ordering a Seasonal Agreement and pre-paying 12 Snow Removals, you will receive (1) FREE SALT! 

* For Non-Seasonal or Seasonal residential account agreements add 25% to prices, when we apply salt.

* We charge an additional $10 per 1 inch removal over and above 4 inches. Due immediately after removal.

* Snow Removal for Seasonal Accounts starts Oct 15th to March 15th every year.

* Square Footage covers driveway, walkways and sidewalk.

* Over 1,500 sq. ft. will be quoted in person.

* Estimates/Work Order-Invoices under $5,000 are billed at $95 and is waived once YHT is hired for estimate.

* There are no refunds.  Customer can potentially receive exclusive service credit for any disputes.

* If customer's square footage is larger then customer selection, there may be added charges.

* For projects (non maintenance) - 3 hr minimum for 1 man @ $375 or 2 men @ $695 w/ 50% deposit (no materials).

 Please choose the service you need done and purchase selection.

PAY PER PUSH - Snow Removal Rates ( Non-Seasonal Prices & No Salt )


  • SMALL HOUSE (under 500 sq. ft.) ....................................$89 Each Snow Removal
  • MEDIUM HOUSE (501 to 1000 sq. ft.) .............................$115 Each Snow Removal
  • LARGE HOUSE (over 1001 to 1,500 sq. ft.) .....................$155 Each Snow Removal

Note:  In order to receive guaranteed service from our snow removal team our customer's must be on our Seasonal Snow removal route.  With that being said we do attempt to provide service to those who are Pay-Per push folks.  If we have time we will attempt to contact Pay-Per push folks and families to service them too, however, we can not guarantee service simply because of a limited amount of time.  You can request an emergency service which we will guarantee service.  The cost of Emergency Service is $35 added the the above Residential Prices.   

 COMMERCIAL SNOW PLOWING PRICES:  (Non-Seasonal Prices & No Salt)                

(Parking Lots up to 3 inch) per 1/4 acre  ................................ $285 Per Push

(Parking Lots up to 3 inch) per 1/2 acre ................................  $450 Per Push

Parking Lots up to 3 inch) per 1 acre .....................................   $650 Per Push

For example; in-order to receive a Discount on $4,800 account; please use the following pre-pay schedule:


Notes:  Once the snow hits the ground, add 35% to the above prices to compensate for the extra weight we have to work with in order to remove the leaves. Extra Large Yards that are over 1/3 acre (15,000 sq. ft.) must be looked at first for pricing!

Time For Christmas Lights All Around!


35% Off Christmas Light Installation:

SMALL HOUSE (under 80 linear feet) ..................$295 (includes 3 bushes)
MEDIUM HOUSE (under 160 linear feet) .......... $495 (includes 1 tree and 3 bushes)
LARGE HOUSE (under 240 linear feet) .......……$695 (includes 1 tree and 5 bushes)

Other Costs:

* $35 per small bush * $50 per medium bush * $65 per large bush * $85 per small tree (up to 15 feet) * $110 per medium tree (up to 20 feet) * $135 per large tree (up to 25 feet) * $15 per small window * $20 per medium window * $25 per large window * $25 per small railing (up to 10 feet) * $30 per medium railing (up to 15 feet) * $35 per large railing (up to 20 feet)

Note: Rates are based on customer supplying the Christmas lights. We can hang your Christmas lights to your gutters, shingles, soffit or fascia board.

Below are maintenance prices (non-project):

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